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Originally Posted by AWNOW View Post
It is kind of difficult to tell from that angle. However, if you can see that it is a section of the top sheet that has chipped away, and can clearly see the bottom of the top sheet from it, then you need to send it back. If snow/water gets underneath the top sheet it will start to delam. Though if it is just a scratch then it is no big deal at all.
I know, it's really hard to get a picture of - I'm not really sure what the bottom of the top coat would look like? When I first noticed it, I thought it was just a layer of clear goop stuff that got left on the board (like when you peel off a sticker and there's some sticky stuff left over) - it's not deep, and you can still see the different colours of the board (it's not down to the core or anything), but you can feel a very small ridge around the scrape. Guess I will take it into the board shop in my city and see what they say. Thanks for the reply!
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