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Originally Posted by duh View Post
You're an idiot.

To the OP, take that board into a reputable shop and get that damage fixed. Don't listen to the idiots who are telling you to ignore that damage. A ding like that compromises the integrity of the bond between the steel, sidewall and topsheet. It's a fairly easy and cheap fix.

I've known plenty of people who have ignored such damage and never had any adverse side effects. But I know way more people who ignored such damage and ended up with a board that delaminated into utter crap. The bottom line is that if you ignore that ding no-one is going to have any sympathy for you when your board gets cancer.
Thanks all your your reply. @Duh, you are totally right! I will go to the repair shop this weekend and have it fixed. Better to cancel my plans this weekend, but still able to use this board after the season. I just used it for 3 times so far, and must repay itself at least 2 seasons.

If the thread is still open, I will let you guys know what the repair guy told me this weekend.

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