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fat fast bords for a polar bear

Im need your advice to help me find the right board for me if you have time. I have been resurge a lot for a 2 weeks now and cant decide.

Im 34 years old, weight 110 kg/ca 240 lbs, boot 13 us, 182 cm tall. Typical Swedish Viking Im a strong rider have bin riding for 20 years and competing in alpin skiing before that. So I know snow.

Riding syle:
Idont ride park any more (busted knee and to old and heavy) I love speeed really fast and do carving turns in speeds over 40 m/h. I love also powder when I can get it Its all I do. Idont do any tricks anymore maybe a 360 or backside air on a pow hit. Old school I never ever ride switch.

In Sweden is most icy gromers, hard pak but in the alps there I spend 2-4 weeks per gear its mostly powder and steep backcountry. 60% icy gromers, 40% powder.

Boards I have ride last 10 years
Salomon Regulate -2002 wide 168 waist 275mm effective edge 1330mm heavy and mega stiff and good edge hold, the faster you go the better it is. Good sides its stable in ultra speed and never felt unscure on it. Bad sides: you have to worke a lot with it and to turn it, bad in powder when the noose digs in to the fresh tuff and give you a back leg burn.

Burton supermodel -2009, 168 rode it one week and dident like it. It was ok stiffnes but to narrow in the waist ca 256mm and I got to drags in harder carves. I returnd that bord and bought a salomon magnum wide 166 -2010 waist: ca 265mm Thes bord I dident like thes bord at all it was to soft flex and felt like it was to small. It woked good in trees in pow but in the gromers it suck big time. I cudent get control over it in hi speeds and the noose was flipping around and lift the hole board upp in bumps really strange. That board ruined my 3 weeks in St anton (alps) and my bad knee was getting worse to ride this board.

Last gear I change back to the old Salomon Regulate and it was like a dream and it was fun to snowboard again. I culd kip up with a my pro siking frends that I cudent do before with the burton and salomon magnum. I compare the regulate to the magnum stand to
each other and the regulate was so mutch bigger board so its understandable that it rides totally different.

But now I want to take part of the new technology in the new boards and its hard to decide what to bay. This is the boards I’m looked in to

Never summer Raptor x 169: a waist at 269mm that’s maybe enough? Is it stiff enough?

Nidecker Megalight X167 All reviews say that a fantastic board but all riders ho ridden it are not as big us I am. Is it really stiff enough?

Nidecker Legend Wat the different here between megalight and Legend?

Jones flagship is to narrow in the waist. Otherwise a good match maybe.

Smokin kt-22 ?

Red air tanker?

Any idée’s ?
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