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Originally Posted by ShredLife View Post
chomps the only person sounding pissed off in this thread is you in the OP.
Originally Posted by chomps1211 View Post
I thought, I was doing so quite obviously tongue in cheek!
(...and based on most of the weather reports I've seen for the country, I sort of figured there would be a few people here who would empathize! God only knows, NONE of the Non-Snowboarders empathize!!! They're Lovin' this warm, no-snow shit!!!)
It sounded more like sarcasm & "in jest" in my head when I wrote the OP! (...but yes, there certainly is some definite real frustration in there!)

Originally Posted by chomps1211 View Post
[later edit] ...of course upon further reflection, It's entirely possible that in my "Angst" & frustration over "where's the snow"??? I might, just might mind you, have taken your comments FAR too personally!!!!!
...that's why I added this later! But come on,.. IF's comment that "I didn't need to report every time I get Butt Mad???" Certainly reads like irritated & "pissed off" to me???

In light of all the many grumpy, frustrated, "Where's the snow" post's I've read here lately, I was a little confused at that reply to my post is all!! (...and I do think I took it too personally!)

Mia Culpa!!!
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