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Originally Posted by poutanen View Post
Mental health is one of those things that's frowned upon talking about. You have to whisper to your friends if you're feeling depressed, and most people quickly look for a way out of that conversation if it's brought up. It's unfortunate that people can't say that they're scared, sad, lonely, etc. for fear of riducle, or being further outcast.

Unfortunately it's deeply engrained in our culture at this point to shun anyone who's suffering from a mental health issue in one way or another. I've been guilty at points in my life for making fun of people that were on anti-depressants. I made fun of somebody smart enough to go and try to get help! Now possibly the help provided (quick give them drugs and get to the next patient!) is what I should have been making fun of...

Whether mental health relates to this incident or not, it is something we need to confront head on. It's amazing how much better life can be when you get past a stumbling block in your brain... I KNOW.

It could help somebody from making a HORRIBLE decision.

Sometimes I think the world is getting less crazy but then stuff like this comes along. RIP
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