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Originally Posted by Treegreen View Post
True, but it seems that people are more willing to at least think about the consequences of our current mental health system in light of this and the other events of this year. Gun control needs to be a part of the discussion, but in most cases it merely treats the symptom and not the disease.
Yeah, I hope my post wasn't pessimistic, because we have come a long way vs. 25 years ago with regards to mental health. I just think now is a good reminder of the ever present need to drop the taboo about it.

I used to be scared shitless of social situations. Couldn't make a speech, never really asked a girl out until long after high school, feared anyone in an authority position, etc. I heard about a study happening in my town for "social phobia" and I qualified. Went in an talked to a doc. We prescribed either sertraline (Zoloft) or a placebo in an increasing dose, and I had to go and talk to him once a week about my progress, and he would give me "homework" to do to get over my fears. At the end of the study I had a choice to make, get a prescription for the drug in the same dose I was given (although from a pharmacist there's no chance of it being a placebo!), ween off it, or drop it all together. I decided to drop it completely as I had a feeling I was on the placebo anyway... I had ZERO changes after stopping the drug completely so I believe what helped me was talking to a balding 50 year old man once a week for a few months about my problem.

Made a best man speech two days ago with a little apprehension (a little is healthy), but not like the best man speech I did 8 years or so ago where I felt like I was having a stroke at the podium. My fear got in the way of my friends wedding! Now I'm fine... okay a little sarcastic to break the ice most of the time but I don't live in fear anymore.

Originally Posted by seant46 View Post
Sometimes I think the world is getting less crazy but then stuff like this comes along. RIP
Tough to say, the population is rapidly growing so in the petri-dish of life there's bound to be more incidents. Worldwide violent crime stats continue to decrease however so I think these are isolated incidents. Hopefully we can continue to improve and reduce the root causes of incidents like this!

Originally Posted by StreetDoc View Post
Cause everyone in canada is just so nice! I'm by no means a gun nut. I do own firearms but don't feel the need to carry. I think the knee jerk reaction is to "ban them all" which I definitely don't agree with. Like I said, I grew up with that and it doesn't work...
Another gun owner here (used to have a SIG P226 .40 S&W, a TIKKA T3 .22-250 with a high powdered scope, and several shotguns and old war rifles... Now I'm down to just the shotguns and war rifles)...

I think EVERY gun owner is in favour of a reasonable level of checks and balances to help ensure that your crazy uncle bob can't walk into walmart, buy an AK47, and walk out and shoot up a school. But at the same time we need a system that's reasonable for responsible owners. Now that Harper scrapped the long gun registry I like most aspects of our gun laws here in Canada. I would have liked to be able to carry my P226 while hiking, but that's a small issue. I can carry bear spray too and be smart about where, when, how and with whom I hike.

I can't stand how these incidents bring the gun control debate back to a boil...
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