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Originally Posted by BurtonAvenger View Post
I just wanted to share this with you guys take it for what it is but wise words from a friend of mine on this.

This is MY opinion and I am entitled to it. I have to share this in order for me to function today as I am truly disgusted and very heart broken for the families involved. If you do not agree, you to have the right to share but do so on your own page. I will not be arguing this topic.

We as humans must stop this madness. Gun control is NOT the answer. More security at schools is NOT the answer. S
uing movie theaters for lack of security is NOT the answer. We need to reverse this politically correct mentality we have and start punishing the youth for behaving badly.

I see too many parents letting their children run their lives. Not spanking them because it's "abuse", not correcting them because they're children and they need to grow in their own way. BULLSHIT! Spank the shit out of that kid when they are wrong, yell at them in public to correct them. We must take back control of todays youth.

There has always been violence and evil but this is the no punishment generation that is committing these horrendous crimes. Too many early 20's having mental issues and my personal belief is that it's a direct result of lack of punishment and not being held accountable for things they do wrong. They have no idea what life is going to deal them and they snap as soon as the safeties of mommy and daddy are removed. In this case so much he decided to kill them even.

If you are a parent please take control of your children. Love them by correcting them, spanking them and teaching them that this is unacceptable. It starts with us as parents and I am as much a part of this as any parent. If you see an un easy change in your teen or twenty something PLEASE advise someone and or take actions to help them.

This is NOT a religious situation. This is a parenting issue.

Sad day here in the world. Send your thoughts to these families today. Take actions to change it tomorrow.
Unfortunately most parents are too busy to raise their kids correctly...its easier to buy them an i phone or whatever. I spank my kids and was spanked myself...wouldn't change it at all.

Sadly, this whole thing will be forgotten in a short while overshadowed by some other stupid shit like the fiscal cliff...that is until another tragedy happens.
Your buddy's opinion has merit, but would require parents to take far more responsibility than they are willing to do, therefore gun control or improved security becomes the quick "band aid" solution in my opinion and unfortunately is one of the only realistic solutions.

We have a number of "kids" in our neighborhood that could greatly benefit from effective parenting. In fact we have a number of parents that could benefit from some parenting. Not long ago the kid down the street got picked up for dealing out of his house. Nothing like seeing him roll around in a lincoln LS and his buddies Audis and BMWs thumping through the neighborhood.


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