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More bad things can happen then good when more people have guns then don't.

- Sassicaia

Why the Fck is it such a travesty to make a small change to your second amendment which says semi automatics, and guns designed to kill people as fast as possible aren't needed to protect yourself from the type of "tyranny" your fore fathers had in mind? I mean the types of guns they had when writing that needed 10 seconds to reload each shot for christ sake.

Im not against guns for hunting at all, but when you start carrying guns in your car, or on your belt to protect yourself from other people who have guns its seems well...sorta dumb to me.

The whole guns dont kill people bad people do argument that right wing nutjobs chant while dancing naked around fires gets old, and is about as short sighted as can be. Anyone ever thought to make it harder for bad people to get guns? Since you cant tell who is going to snap (i.e. guy with no criminal record who just killed 20 children) then for the sake of safety simply make it harder for everyone to get them, and the ones you can get dont need to be mass killing machines. I mean where does the line get drawn? If there was a gun that could kill the closest 100 people to you in 2 seconds would that be reasonable? What about one that could kill 10 people in 2 seconds? Surely a line needs to be drawn. And fuck hand one needs a hand gun. No one.

Long barreled rifles for hunting, and thats it.

I dont mean to sound like this is just an american issue because canada has some of the same shitty problems, but it just seems to me that if you make it harder to get guns, especially the type that you can easily hide and that can do major amounts of damage in a short time there will be less gun related crimes.

BTW,,, the bad people only kill argument also shits the bed for all the stories of kids getting their parents guns in their hands and accidentally shooting themselves or someone else.

Also, can someone explain to me the logic of people being of age to buy a gun before being able to buy a glass of wine?

Ill be honest...i cross the boarder to go to the states to see friends, travel etc, and every time i cross i feel less safe, and have in the back of my mind that at any time some nut job could start shooting. Its very nice living in an area that people dont feel the need to have guns, and to know people dont have hand guns in their purse, or under their coat. I can safely tell someone to fuck off who cut me off without the fear of being shot.

Last thing....Fck all the news stations that glorify terrible things like this with their custom logos, theme songs and countless hours putting the perpetrators in the spot light. Here is a news flash...ITS NOT HELPING CRAZY PEOPLE WHO WANT INSTANT ATTENTION TO STOP.
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