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Originally Posted by slyder View Post
It is not semantics it is a false statement.
Yes someone willing to do this can or may wait the 10 days and then do it. Again this is not the issue of gun access but the person willing to commit such a violent, senseless crime.
I have never stated I condone this type of crime and I am truly saddened for everyone involved. Why someone one would kill randomly let alone small defenseless children I can not begin to understand I just don't feel it is a gun issue or the fault of the gun

Is it a safe statement that you just don't like guns, which I am fine with and it is an honorable stance for you. It just doesn't work for me.

This is about a human beings actions not the method of his actions. Had guns not been available who knows the action he would have taken. It could have taken more lives but I honestly believe with the gun he did more damage. I'm won't pretend otherwise.
I never said I didnt like guns (read my first post). I said hand guns, and guns designed to discharge huge amounts of damage in a short time are useless and do more harm then good. Would you rather a crazy killer have access to a concealable fire arm, or not? I prefer not and polices that allow it im against. Not just against, but amazed at how fucking stupid they are, and people who fall back on the "yea but its my right" bullshit. Yes its your current right, but it needs to taken away from you. Kicking and screaming if need be. Not all guns, just ones not design to hunt. i.e. hand guns, assault rifles etc.

The problem with that "right" is that you, and every other american (aside from military personal) hasn't earned that right. Being born american and passing some simple tests shouldn't allow you to carry a semi automatic assault riffle, or hand gun. Every mass killing at schools, malls etc are all done with hand guns, and assault rifles.

Its true ill never change your mind, and you will never change mine. All i know is I feel safer living in a society where people cant carry guns around for the sake of carrying them, assault rifles cant be obtained and hand guns are near impossible with huge restrictions.

Has being able to own all those guns really made your life and country better?

Dont get me wrong. I love America, and there is a lot more good then bad. BUt the gun thing needs to change.
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