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Sassicaia, I never said you did. I was asking if that was a safe statement and I guess I was wrong.

A killer will get a weapon be it a hand gun or not. There are LAWS preventing criminals from having guns that hasn't worked either.

Not that this is a great argument but why should you have the right to socialized health care. I think that is a messed up system.
Our country was founded on a belief and many of us follow and believe in those beliefs. Some people and politicians use them for personal and political gains.

Again it is not the size of the gun, the amount of ammo it can shoot, the damage it can cause. A human being took it upon himself to do harm to another. This should not negate the rights, yes rights, of the rest of the citizens in our country. With your argument we should just through out the other 9 amendments if they don't work either. Right to freedom of religion, throw out the right to free speech, the right to be judge by our peers, Many of these have not worked well in all situations should we just throw them all out or just the ones you agree with.
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