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Originally Posted by Capita2JZGTE View Post
Probably because this is America "Land of the free". Oh and please show me where in the second that it mentions anything about single shot muskets... The second amendment was written so that civilians could protect themselves from the government. It put no limits on the "types" of weapons. No I don't think people should be able to run around with fully automatic weapons. But what's the point of disarming a society so that the only ones with weapons are the criminals? This shooting proves that banning guns doesn't work. None of the faculty were allowed to carry guns, and so the killer had free reign on whoever he wanted until the police arrived. Please tell me what waiting for the police did. In case that is a hard question to answer, it left more than 2 dozen innocent people defenseless, and guess what? The killer KNEW this.

Do you remember when that wacko shot up that military base Fort Hood in Texas?
Do you know why he was able to kill so many people?
Because the soldiers on that base weren't allowed to carry their issued rifles. Only the MP's. Do you think he would have killed 13 people and wounded 29 others if those other soldiers were allowed to carry weapons?
I was being sarcastic when i said muskets bc back then there were no assault 1791 they werent talking about assault weapons...

And i never said i was AGAINST the 2nd amendment...but im about to honestly throw it out the window when people like its ok to be able to carry a gun everywhere from the grocery store to a school of learning...the NRA and gun toting crazies have always had a knack for holding their "this our right" demonstration the day of or following major events like this and its disheartening....its sick actually

And if everyone carried a gun everywhere they go bc they are afraid something or someone will do something like wouldnt be a good would be an accident waiting to happen...people on edge ALL THE TIME ready to fire is not something i wanna be around....

I really cannot comment on anymore you said bc your missing the point of my post and explaining it would take too much energy bc it seems ur mind is made up and on the defense....

I hear gun shots and sirens and ambulances everyday...i grew up that way being from the philly neighborhood of kensington.....we have senseless violence everyday...pull up our murder numbers and it rises every year w this year most likely hitting almost 400....

Guns need regulation...and this time the 5-10yr olds are the ones that had to pay the price to hopefully put this into our main perspective as a country....

There is just no need to have multiple firearms let alone assault weapons as citizens....that simple....
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