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As I have mentioned before, I don't blame the guns.
How these types of nightmares are prevented is beyond my comprehension. There is not a catch all. I agree people change but there is not a good way to test. Look at all the criminals that fool parole boards. They end up released into our society to just commit another or worse crime.

This is such a complex issue, it can't be dealt with in any type of blanket rule.

Glad you got the chance to shoot many people make assumptions never having touched a gun and not everyone is comfortable around them which is fine as well. You made a personal decision that worked for you and that is really a good foundation and we aren't really on opposite sides here. But isn't your choice of carrying a switch blade not equal to but somewhat on the level of carrying a gun??
I also assume that that is illegal to own and carry??? I don't live there so I don't know the laws there, it is illegal to carry/own a switch blade here.
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