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Originally Posted by readimag View Post
^ agreed, also the US is not the place you are most likely to die from guns Jamaica and Puerto Rico have a higher rate of murders with guns. Look at what the IRA did for a long time with England even with all the gun control. If people what to get a gun and do something it will happen, all you can do is prepare.
This doesn't really make the point you'd like it to, I think. You're saying that the US isn't as bad as places that are basically anarchy and war zones (metaphorically). Wow, way to set the bar low.

Unfortunately this HAS turned into a bit of a Canada-vs-US thread, which misses the point. Canada is an example of a country that has very low occurrences of mass shootings. US is an axample of a country that has high occurrences (relatively). US has the second amendment, Canada does not. Is this causation or correlation? Does someone have an alternative explanation? Does anyone have access to some statistics that relate mass-killings to gun-rights on a per-country basis? Does anyone have a reference to a study that isn't partisan-sourced?

Nothing wrong with debate, that's what this forum is for, but it'd be nice if it was more than just another snowball fight.

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