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What a terrible tragedy.
Now the inevitable discussion starts...."How could we have prevented this?"
Well IMO , you can't. It is too late.
Before I continue, let me state that I believe in the right to own guns, and I own a revolver and a hunting rifle.
I live in a state where I can legally carry a loaded , concealed handgun with no permit whatsoever.
The amount of violent crime in this state is quite low.
However.......I will get flamed for this, but so be it....
The 2nd amendment said nothing about self defense,hunting or target shooting .
"A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed."
It is no longer the 1700s.The founding fathers did not foresee the firepower you can now carry on a person.
The people of the US being armed as they are now is absolutely no deterrent against invasion by foreign powers.
As far as us being armed keeping our own government in line....GET REAL.
We would have no chance against today's military. Most Americans probably can't even read a map, and are concentrated in cities.
Basic survival skills are esoteric to most .
The only way you could prevent tragedies of this nature would be to have the military go to everyone's dwelling and property with metal detectors and forcibly remove every firearm and destroy it.Also kill , imprison , or keep under military control anyone with any knowledge of firearms manufacture .Keep all machine shops under military control.
And totally seal our borders to keep any guns from coming in.
None of that is feasible ,of course, so we have to get to the core of the problem.....
People will always do horrible things to other people.
The present gun control laws aren't enforced .
Here is an example:
A buddy of mine works for the sheriff's department.Part of his job was to do background checks on people trying to buy guns(The gun dealer calls him).
I asked him what they do if a felon tries to buy a gun(which is itself a felony) His answer was " we tell him to deny the sale"
"You don't send around a car to arrest him?"
"No, we don't have the resources for that"

You can't idiot proof anything because fools are so damn clever.

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