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Originally Posted by ShredLife View Post
dude... i fucking dare you to google jenkum.
I did!! Never heard of this shit before! After reading a little I came to this conclusion,..


This is a quote from some site advocating the use of this shit,.. (...and yes, I'm intentionally trying to be "Punny"!!)

[Quoted from "Jenk, It's the Shit"]
Jenkem is the masterdrug of the new era. Your own feces and urine, fermented in the sun for a week, and you can hear your dead relatives and see the future. Jenkem is a trance. Jenkem is purity. Jenkem is logic in an insane world. Turn off your mind, and huff some jenk today!

Last Monday I was feeling sort of blue, sort of sick, from the fajitas and leftover Halloween candy over the weekend. At some point my gut sort of lurched. Right after that I got handed an ulcer-inducing list of stuff to do for work, so I was like, Screw this, I'm going to jenk.

Of course the problem with this is that you can't just get jenk over the counter or buy it from some dealer. You have to make it. So I got out my handy 5gal fermenter, blasted a squirming snake of brown-green feces into it, and then pissed all over it and added some brown sugar and nutmeg (makes the jenk more powerful, taste better). - Un-quote!

..."brown sugar & nutmeg makes it taste better????"

...makes it "TASTE BETTER????!!

If this guy's ever actually done any of this shit,.. I'm with you! He's a fucking TARD!!!!
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