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Originally Posted by Capita2JZGTE View Post
To the person that said the USA has a bigger number of mass Shootings than Canada; Of course we do. Your looking at a population of 311,591,917 vs a population of 34,482,779. Not to mention a huge difference in demographics and other statistical data as well.
That was me and I also pointed out that the difference was far more than 10:1 . It's a PER CAPITA difference as well as an absolute difference in numbers.

"other statistical data" doesn't cut it. That's just a brush-off. "difference in demographics" isn't an explanation, it's just a label. But it could lead to an explanation.

Again, I'm not trying to claim that the difference IS due to gun laws. I'm simply pointing out that there IS a difference, and all those who claim that the mass shootings AREN'T caused by gun ownership but don't attempt to explain what IS causing it have a credibility issue. All you're really doing right now is metaphorically hopping from foot to foot yelling "It IS NOT! It IS NOT! I'm not LISTENING! LALALALALLAAAAAAAH!"

And to forestall the inevitable "we're not obligated to explain it", no you're not. But if you don't make the attempt, the gun control lobby is going to win by default.

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