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Originally Posted by mixie View Post
actuary tables for life insurance don't cover a lot of activities. And depending on who pays your premium (you or your employer) you may or may not need to disclose any information.

which is funny, I know a few people who've gone on major cleanse diets and quit smoking and partying for the month prior to getting life insurance physicals. You know, so they;re test results would have better numbers...which is why the whole thing is just....bogus.
The insurance companies have access to a lot more statistics than those that they are allowed to use, i.e. they can't set your rates based on your religious beliefs, but you can bet they know how religious beliefs affect health!

As for the cleansing thing -- that's just stupid. If you claim you don't smoke and you get a policy based on that, and if an autopsy (or whatever) shows you were a smoker then your policy is void and you've paid a lot of premiums for nothing. Might as well just not get a policy.

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