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Originally Posted by Capita2JZGTE View Post
Are you blind to any type of reasoning? Guns aren't the only method of killing people. You don't think he wouldn't have used a different tool? Assuming he couldn't get a hold of some guns on the black market(if they were outlawed)?
Again with the logic you use we should ban anything that has the capability of killing someone, because if we do that then all murders will stop. right?
Sorry, no. Reductio ad absurdum doesn't work here. Go from a couple of handguns to a couple of knives and there are very few (if any) mass killings that would have resulted in as many deaths. You can kill a bunch of people in a room by just standing in one spot and shooting. With knives you have to chase each one down (leaving the door free). Following the 80/20 rule, you can get rid of 80% of these types of deaths by the one step of reducing or eliminating access to guns. (numbers are illustrative, not authoritative).

A good example is the frightending incident that happened in the prairies a few years ago (yes, in Canada. Get over it ) Some looney tune in a bus decapitated a guy with a kitchen knife. The rest of the passengers bolted. If the fruit loop had had a gun, things would have been very different.

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