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Originally Posted by Capita2JZGTE View Post
Who's limiting these psycho's to just using knives? You do realize without guns the next step up is homemade bombs right? Do you really think that's a better alternative?
I was responding to the previous poster's reductio ad absurdum claim that we should outlaw everything that could kill people -- which you would think would include knives, yes?

Originally Posted by Capita2JZGTE View Post
You really think they are going to just put all of their evil plans on hold? Apparently you didn't hear about the situation in China yesterday where a man stabbed 22 children and an elderly lady at a school?
You people don't realize that people are going to just find a different tool to carry out their plans.
Wouldn't the better solution be to find out what's causing these people to do these things and try to stop the source of the madness?
I agree that the best (not just better) solution would be to figure out what the root cause is and do something about it, but (A) no-one seems to be doing that, and (B) if the root cause turns out to have political implications, it's going to be an uphill battle.

As to "putting their evil plans on hold", it is a LOT harder to build a bomb than it is to use a gun, requires a LOT more prep, is easier for the authorities to detect (really, Timmy? You need 1000 lbs of fertilizer for your school science project?) and most importantly IMO is less personal. I'm just guessing here, not being a nutbar, but when a fruitloop decides he wants to go on a killing spree I'm betting he wants to see the people die at his hand. And of course end with the grand gesture of killing himself. If someone is really going to go off the deep end, I'd bet he's far more likely to go the knife route than the bomb route (if guns weren't an option).

And notwithstanding the example in China, are you REALLY going to try to take the implied stance that you can kill as many people as easily with a knife as with a gun?

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