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Originally Posted by Donutz View Post
I've known some fundamentalist xians who were (are) very intelligent educated people, with skilled white-collar jobs -- but on the subject of religion, they just couldn't think rationally. And to forestall any accusation that I'm using a circular definition, it is possible to have an argument where both participants are disagreeing vehemently but both are arguing rationally and logically. Emotional and/or irrational argument is fundamentally different, regardless of the specific subject matter.

In the gun thread right now, there's a lot of very similar arguments. The problem is that when you're arguing about something that you have a huge emotional/psychic investment in, it's hard to step back and consider it objectively.
Very true, on a professional level I have a lot of respect for my boss. He's a very knowledgeable experienced man. He's very interested in science, goes back to school to continue learning. he speaks a few languages and has traveled quite a bit. None the less... when it comes to politics and religion the guy is bat shit crazy. He's a little greedy too, It's pulling teeth to get him him to approve payments to subcontractors and give raises to low level employees.
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