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Three things.

When people pick places to carry out these mass murders what goes through there mind? It sure as hell is not I should pick the gun club or police station. No, it's where can I kill the most people without being stopped. Somewhere unarmed.

Secondly, the real issue here is what Donutz tried brining up and everyone pretty much ignored. The gun was a proponent in the equation. So was the car he used to get there. So was the lack of security and no one noticing his signs of doing this. None of those are the cause. When we find the cause to shooting like this we can stop it while still maintaining our rights. I believe it's a cultural thing. Canada and America are culturally different. There are facts showing strict gun laws not working. It's simple. It's been done and hasn't changed anything. That points to something else. Well let's look at what is different between us and Canada besides gun laws. It's culture. Now this is hard to back up with empirical proof, but we all know America's vibe isn't like most other countries.

Lastly, the military would fucking slaughter the public of America in seconds. You have no idea the precision, power, and destruction of the military. An single drone could destroy and entire town armed with assault weapons. We pretty much defeated Iraq in the Gulf War without setting foot on the ground. And they have a legitimate army and Airforce. Granted the military wouldn't completely do this. Most would split from the military and refuse to kill citizens, but there would still be enough left to have an operational military, which would kill us all. Literally a single Division of Marine, an A-10, and a few drones would defeat the U.S. populous armed to the teeth.

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