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Originally Posted by Sassicaia View Post
I hike 3 times a week in the summer in bear country. I carry counter assault which is actually more successful and easier as a deterrent against a bear then a gun. I know...ive used it against a black bear. Easy, and the bear didnt have to die either.

like i said earlier....there were 2 deaths from bears last year in your country and mine combined. If it came down to allowing everyone to have hand guns and assault rifle vs those two people being say let the bears win every time.
Maybe because people took guns with themselves and defended themselves ? You take your pepper spray, I'll take my S&W 500 When you have someone break into your house and threaten you or your family with a gun maybe you'll wish you had one. How many crimes were stopped last year because of gun holders ? Assuming you have a wife or girlfriend, would you rather her get raped one day in an ally or have a deringer in her purse? Could she fit a rifle in that same purse? Pepper spray works on most humans but not pissed off ones on drugs like pcp. Sure it'll deter most bears, but not the pissed off one that is determined to eat you. Also, yes only 2 people where KILLED, but how many injured ? Because a couple idiots had to go shoot some places up is no excuse to say that pistols don't have their place. I do agree their is no need for assult rifles though, I can't think of one circumstance you would need an assult rifle, and definitely not with more then 10-15 rounds.

p.s. Most crime is committed with illegal weapons. Outlawing guns only harms the innocent citizens who would no longer be able to protect themselves. The guns where legal but they weren't even his, they where his moms. He shot her, stole her guns(registered to her, most likely bought for him), and car, and went to the school. For ever 1 nutjob there are "probably" a million honest law abiding normal citizens who respect guns. What happened was tragic no doubt, but how many people died that same day from starvation in Africa? We have far bigger problems in this world then guns. I would look forward to your rebuttal, but I'm done with this thread so have fun dismantling my comments without me

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