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Well I for one enjoy living somewhere where I don't have to worry about someone with a gun attacking my family.

In the extremely rare event that some nut with a knife steps up I will be happy to take him on and feel confident I could at least save my family and get away injured rather than dead.

I also spend time in Switzerland and always feel very safe there too.

If society is more balanced and stable and their is good education and training, guns can be available without such frequent tragedies.

Seems to me that the current US society doesn't tick any of the above boxes.

I just don't get that guns are needed to protect you from your government.

As someone said the military will not turn on US citizens even if told to by government and if they did a large dumb populous with guns will not make things that difficult IMO. Fighter jets, helicopters, bombs, missiles and tanks. Your guns do nothing against these.

Also your patriot act has destroyed many basic human rights, nobody says boo yet the 2nd amendment gets everyone huffing and puffing.

Ultimately, I agree that the issue is more to do with society and the number of mentally ill and deranged people. What is going on in the US to produce these people?

Granted there are similar cases in other countries, but the mass murdering mentally ill are seemingly much more frequent in the US. Sadly these deeper social issues are very hard to solve and take lots of time.

In the meantime at least stricter controls and especially controls on the types of weapons are an obvious stand in measure.

If I lived in the US I would own a gun, I would need one to feel safe.

Here in Japan I don't, nor in Switzerland nor Canada.

To me that speaks volumes.
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