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Originally Posted by Snowolf View Post
Dreampow, there are very legitimate uses to have firearms in the US that don't apply to Japan. Hunting is a very legitimate sport and for many a way to feed their family. There is nothing wrong with the sport or even the sport of target shooting.

Additionally, defense from Bears really is a legitimate argument. In many bush villages in Alaska and Canada, armed citizens must escort kids to school because of Polar bears.

This is why I take a very moderate middle of the road approach to this and argue for better regulation of people and outlawing these high capacity weapons that do not serve any legitimate purpose, including some handguns like Glocks which won't do shit to stop a charging Grizzly like my single shot Ruger .44 Magnum 6 shot revolver did. Bear spray is a fucking joke when it comes to stopping a Charging Grizzly, Kodiak or Polar Bear.

Funny thing is taking a common sense middle ground position does not gain a person credibility, all it does is piss off both extremes which sadly bolsters the argument that there are very few people in the middle ground of common sense and most are extremists on one side or another.
I agree on lots of your points. I am not saying guns must be banned at all costs.

I would prefer to live in a society where guns are at least hard to get hold of and proper checks are carried out before someone can get one.

What I am trying to say is the problem here is perhaps with the US society as a whole rather than just gun laws.

These incidents are becoming all too frequent.

Like I said in Switzerland I feel safe yet guns are not uncommon (for hunting). Even in Japan people have guns for hunting but it takes a lot of time and procedure to get the license.

If guns are to be available I really think these kinds of safety procedures are needed as well as limits on the type of weapons available.

I fear there may be many more such incidents unless action is taken to at least get rid of the automatic/semi-automatic weaponry.
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