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Originally Posted by Snowolf View Post
If you want have a civil discussion or debate, I am eager to do so but if you want to use this insulting and pricking tone, I have nothing further to discuss with you. I am not "ignorant" of the issue or the nature of the weapons. I was not talking only about the AR-15 or stock magazines. I speaking about all of these weapons. It is a fact that you can legally purchase 50 round mags for both the AK-47 and the AR-15:

High Quality extremely durable fully encased alloy 50 round drum magazine for the AR15 AR-15 - XS Products

Now I will not stoop to your level and call you "ignorant" but will say that before you go throwing stones, you might notice that you're living in a glass house. I am having a friendly civil debate with my Canadian friend and openly admitted to a mistake; are you man enough to admit to yours?
saying you're ignorant to an issue is hardly a personal attack. Didn't mean to offend, figured the political forum would have a little thicker skin. I'm done with this forum, obviously everyone has their own opinion and that's not going to change. No use wasting time here.
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