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Originally Posted by Snowolf View Post
So, the gun control debate goes on with pro`s and con`s but as some people have correctly pointed out, gun control is not the only issue. Some of our Canadian friends insist that banning handguns for example is the answer while others proclaim any gun control is unacceptable and pointless.

Well, maybe the real problem lies not with whether Americans have guns or not but with the culture of violence that has become Americana. The entire nation is in mourning over the senseless deaths of 20 children and rightly so. But we as Americans remain strangely quiet over the senseless deaths of at least 168 children in Pakistan as a direct result of our drone attacks. So it seems it isn't the deaths of children that bother us, its only the deaths of American children.

When the leadership of our country sets this kind of an example and I point the finger at both Bush and Obama, why are we surprised that we are seeing an increase in sociopathic, violent behavior? While we mourn the deaths of 20 children in Connecticut, maybe give at least a passing thought to the deaths of 168 children at our hands. These kids were no different than ours and their parents feel the loss just as keenly as the parents in Connecticut. Along with reasonable, rational gun control to get these pointless high magazine capicity weapons off of our streets, maybe we need to rethink our entire culture of violence. Just saying.....

When we as a country do this as a matter of routine "another day at the office", why are we really shocked when we produce these home grown nutjobs? Stricter gun control, while definitely needed, is not going to magically solve the issue on its own. Until we address our own lack of empathy for humanity as a culture, this kind of thing will not only continue but will escalate and I really don`t think my 6 shot revolver is the actual problem.

I have to reply one more time lol...

Do you know anyone that was deployed to afghanistan or iraq as a combat troop? The enemy purposely uses children and women in hopes we won't attack. They have their safe houses next to schools, etc. To me that's on them... war is war. Completely different from a citizen legally owning and carrying a gun.
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