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This eyewitness account, assuming it is accurate, is why I personally am not against cc laws. While the gun law is strict for the state in which I live, it does not permit concealed carry. If/when I have a permit, I'd like to know I (and other law abiding citizens with some sort of training) would be able to step in to prevent something like that if possible.

Notice how the eyewitness did NOT take the shot because he feared he might hit others had he missed? That's rational, cool-headed thinking from a gun owner.

Originally Posted by ARSENALFAN View Post
I understand the allure of a handgun. I always thought it would be kind of neat to have one. As Snowwolf pointed out, I thought it would be excellent to have one when fly fishing in Grizzly territory instead of carrying around the Remington Marine Magnum 12 guage I used to have. But they will never allow us to carry handguns in Canada so it is a mute point. We have to get a special licence, keep it locked in a case, and call the government to tell them which firing range we are going to, what time we are leaving and when we will be returning. If you mess up, your in real trouble. I now carry pepper spray but had a discussion with a friend earlier this year about getting another shotgun. I just became emotionally charged when I heard about this latest shooting and went off. I can't wrap my mind around what happened nor can I wrap my mind around how easy it is to get a gun in the US and whether there really is a need for citizens to be armed like they are. Fewer guns has to mean fewer deaths, but I understand why law abiding citizens get pissed thinking about the government slapping bans on handguns. I just think this may be the point where some freedom is given up in hopes of a safer country. I will be praying for the families tonight. What beautiful innocent children they were.
Thank you for posting your heartfelt and thoughtful response. I think we all can say we've gotten emotionally charged through the news of these deaths and throughout this thread. It is truly awful. I broke down in tears as more details emerged...especially from that of the children who were there, and the 27 yr old teacher, Vicky Soto, who lost her own life to protect her "kids." It is difficult to understand why what happened did.

Originally Posted by conspiracy View Post
as i pointed out that is completely opposite as it is very easy to obtain illegal weapons. they usually go from Russia to mexico then smuggled across the border
I think this is a valid point. Mexico is our southern neighbor. The USA is Canada's southern neighbor. BIG difference there. While the US is not infallible, we're a far better southern border to Canada than Mexico is to us.

Originally Posted by MarshallV82 View Post
This country needs to step up and help people, or atleast identify the people that have mental issues. Throwing pills down their throats is not the solution.
We need to work on education, mental health care, and obesity. I also think Americans need to stop being so afraid of life, shit has always been this bad, it's just reported more. It's not all unicorns and rainbows out there, life gets pretty real. The sooner the younger generation realizes that the better.
This, and, people need to stop being so afraid of their kids and thinking their child is so perfect (denial). I see so many parents back down and allow them to run the show. Go into any public area, supermarket, wherever...some kids are so out of control while their parents do nothing - not even a stern word. It's like they tune them out.

Then there are those who in denial about a child's weaknesses or flaws - those who think their kid is perfect - to the point that they will mask the troubled state of their child. Perhaps some fear it will be reflected back on them. And ya know what, maybe it IS because of their parenting (or lack thereof). But concealing a child's troubled state, especially within the context of crappy parenting doesn't solve anything.

Originally Posted by Snowolf View Post
Well, maybe the real problem lies not with whether Americans have guns or not but with the culture of violence that has become Americana. The entire nation is in mourning over the senseless deaths of 20 children and rightly so. But we as Americans remain strangely quiet over the senseless deaths of at least 168 children in Pakistan as a direct result of our drone attacks. So it seems it isn't the deaths of children that bother us, its only the deaths of American children.

When the leadership of our country sets this kind of an example and I point the finger at both Bush and Obama, why are we surprised that we are seeing an increase in sociopathic, violent behavior? While we mourn the deaths of 20 children in Connecticut, maybe give at least a passing thought to the deaths of 168 children at our hands. These kids were no different than ours and their parents feel the loss just as keenly as the parents in Connecticut. Along with reasonable, rational gun control to get these pointless high magazine capicity weapons off of our streets, maybe we need to rethink our entire culture of violence. Just saying.....:dunno
Interesting you mention the war casualties of innocent children as I was thinking it last night. It's no different than what happened in CT. It's still senseless; there are innocent children victims. I think the perspective of "war casualties" is what makes some think it is different.

There was a day care center in the WTC iirc? Innocent children killed in a terrorist attack. I really think it comes down to the perspective of war seeming justifiable. Personally, I disagree.
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