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Originally Posted by Snowolf View Post
Streetdoc, actually, I think you are somewhat correct here. While I dont advocate banning video games, movies etc, I do think we as a culture tend to glorify violence and the popularity of media violence is symptematic of an overall culture sickness. All I was really saying is that what we are seeing happening here at home is possibly a small reflectinon of what we are seeing in the world and seemingly condoning under the guise of "hey its war". I know these pieces of shit in Al Qaeda use children as human shields but I think sometimes we are too quick to sacrifice them. Sometimes the target is just not "valuable" enough to kill these innocent children. And you are right, it isnt just "big bad America", but worldwide, human beings seem to be loosing their ability to empathize with others. Look at the absolute misery that little Palestinian and Israeli children endure. When these kids are 5 and 6 years old; the same ages as the victims of the Sandy Hook shooting, they dont know they are supposed to hate each yet. Little Palestinian kids and little Israeli kids are playing in the streets of Gaza one day and then shooting each other the next.

I am actually pretty much in agreement with you that gun control alone will solve very little. Your point is correct about guns having been a part of our culture but mass shooting being a new phenomenon in the past couple of decades. That is why I have said that while yes, I do support limitiming magazine capacities for all guns and outright banning some types of weapons, I have also voiced opposition to some of our Canadian friends who think all hand guns need to go. I also think gun control is just a part of the overall solution.

Hey at least we agree on something. For the record I wasn't trying to be a dick before either...
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