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Default Binding advise on 3 bindings-uncanted vs canted


Wondering if I could get some advise from the good people on here.

I currently ride the Flow NX2-AT. Having a lot of issues getting into binding. I basically have to loosen the straps every time my foot re-enters. Which to me defeats the purpose of those bindings. Thinking of going to the normal type of binding.

The bindings I am looking at are the Burton Cartel, Ride Capo, or Union SL. I have to admit that I do like the Aluminum base plate a bit.

Ok for the canted part--with my Flows which are canted, the outside part of my feet start to hurt a bit when I ride. I don't know if that is due to the higher outside part of the binding. Don't know how much the canted bindings affect feet- all I hear about is they are betters on knees, but my knees are fine, its my feet that are hurting.

Union is the one with a non canted base so part on me wants to try those to see if they are better on my feet. But I don't keep wanting to drop $200+ on bindings until I find the right one.

Looking for your expert opinions on this one.
Any ideas?
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