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Originally Posted by StreetDoc View Post
saying you're ignorant to an issue is hardly a personal attack. Didn't mean to offend, figured the political forum would have a little thicker skin. I'm done with this forum, obviously everyone has their own opinion and that's not going to change. No use wasting time here.
Hey, no-one is even close to being banned or censured for anything that was said so far in this thread. You are allowed to be more in-your-face in this subforum, but your opponent is also allowed to be more vociferous in return. You're probably a little taken aback because Snowolf is an admin. Don't be. In this section, if someone needs a slap we'll get one of the non-participating admins or mods to adjudicate.

You take away Snowolf's opportunity to argue and he WILL get cranky.

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