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I have to point out that in canada we play the same video games, watching the same movies, and listen to same crappy rap music. The difference to me is the gun laws, and its not just the simple logistics of allowing assault riffles and hand guns, but the phycological effect of them being being around and so normal.

Allowing a hand gun for serious backcountry people who may bump into a bear is such a minimal amount of society that for the sake of this debate its sort of irrelevant. If its really needed (and we could debate that) then make the hoops you need jump through enough that the general public wouldnt consider it, or see a need for it because its simply not feasible.

You mention you can only put 6 six shots in a revolver, but whats stopping someone from carrying 2 or 3 of them fully loaded? Couldnt they have one on each side of their belt and one under each arm, with one in each hand? Thats 6. 6x6 is 36. After each one is empty the shooter simply drops it and reaches for another.

If the people in power end up making this debate about something as trivial as clip size rather then focusing on making the next generation not feel the need to buy these type of guns all together unless they are hunters then IMO the debate is a waste of time.

My brother is a avid hunter and gun collector but he is using it to shoot us a goose for christmas dinner. The thought of myself owning a gun has never crossed my mind in my 35 times around the sun. Not once. Now that I think of it its has to be for two reasons.

1.) They arent easy to get or keep
2.) They are built for specific a specific reason. I dont own a gun like I dont own a crab trap because I dont hunt or catch crabs.

My point is a society without strict gun laws breeds people who feel they need guns, or feel that they are simply normal.

Last week a guy in my city snapped took his cloths off and beat 3 woman nearly to death. Had guns been around and easy to get as a drivers license then those woman would be dead and many others.

One interesting point. Someone earlier posted the Swiss gun laws with the argument that "hey almost everyone has an assault rifle given to them by the government". I thought the argument was interesting, but being convinced there had to me more too it I dug further and found what I believe to be the difference, and what separates the Swiss from the American culture about guns.

1.) the guns are issued with a specific purpose that comes with training. These are trained military personal.

2.) getting a permit to actually carry a gun around with you isnt feasible for the average person. Basically, you need to be in the military or a profession that requires you to have one. (even the people who had them issued cant carry them)

3.) Laws around transportation are very strict i.e. too and from gun ranges, gun shows only etc

The end result is society doesnt see a need for guns. To prove that these laws have an effect of how people view guns in 2011 the Swiss government decided that all the people who had these guns needed to return the ammo for them to the government and 99% was returned and accounted for. 99%!!! Imagine what % of the ammo would be returned if the US government required it?

The fact is the swiss returned the ammo because they saw no need for it? Of course, what possible use could they have for it? Who the hell is going to invade Switzerland?

I dont mean to make this about Americans vs anyone else, because I stated before i like your country and people. Its about the effect of easy gun access has created on humans. Canadians would be the same if we had generations of the same gun laws.

Unless you are shooting a goose for christmas dinner, what possible use does the public have for guns? They serve no purpose.
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