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There is a difference between Canada and the US. Right now it is gun laws, but we have has stricter gun laws and nothing has changed. The culture is different. The attitude is different. Ask any Canadian that's been to America. You get bumped into in Canada and end up with a free beer. You bump into someone here and you get a dirty look. You guys do listen to the same music, play the same games and watch the same movies. But you don't glorify yourself as a military giant. You don't have the same freedoms we do. The vibe is different. We have a much more independent status. People here generally don't care about the person to their left. This is the difference, not gun laws.

I still believe gun laws should be in place. I think New York is the perfect example. With the exception of the clip restriction and automatics. There are no automatics allows here. If you have experience with automatics, you know it's useless. The only time it's used is on machine guns. You should only be allowed to own automatics if you are in the military or in a field where you operate weapons. The clip restriction here is only 5 rounds for any weapon besides a pistol. 20 to 30 would be fine. If someone is to carry out a shooting with a weapon that had clips less than this can change them so quick it really is like having a drum anyway. The last thing I would change about the laws here is how simple it is to get a rifle. It ain't super easy, but it should be as hard as getting a pistol.

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