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Originally Posted by Snowolf View Post
Hey! Not every American buys into this. I certainly don't fear my government to this degree. I have never bought into this idea that a bunch of fat, balding middle aged white guys running around the woods of Michigan dressed in cammo and playing soldier is any deterrent to the Guv'met......LOL these "militia" movements are a joke and an embarrassment.

As I see it, personal firearms have 4 legitimate purposes:

1) hunting
2) sport
3) personal protection
4) collector value
True, I shouldn't generalise. My apologies. And true about the other two purposes for owning a firearm too. I'm not as concerned with sport and collector value. They aren't taking lives.

Originally Posted by slyder View Post
Really this will stop people from having ammo.
My dad has had a melting pot and casts for ammo since I was maybe 8yr old. He had me helping cast bullets since I can remember.
A deterrent if nothing else. Most people in the UK don't buy weed. It's illegal. I can still buy weed if I really want it. As long as the majority don't, it's hardly going to be an issue. I doubt we will be playing witness to any civil wars being won with homemade ammunition anytime soon.


So we should just throw out the constitution. Any human being can be the president of our country. No more freedom of religion, No right to vote unless the vote agrees with your beliefs. Nice to know where our society is headed. Maybe it's thoughts like this that is leading us into darker days !!!!
I didn't say throw out. Core beliefs and truths are necessary. About time you revamped and reworked though. What applied back then no longer holds true. Changes must be made. Learn that.

Originally Posted by sleev-les View Post

For Edge and the comment about an old slip of paper, I have no respect for anything you post because you have no respect for this country.
Respect is earned, not given. You and your country have no right to my respect until you do something worth respecting. And that's something that I haven't seen in my admittedly short life thus far, whether you want it or not. Not that I blame you or any other American personally. It's a majority thing.

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