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We all ride together. My son and I have a bunch or skier friends that we ride with daily. That being said.

The other day I Was coming off a black that converges with a blue and green trail... As usual the ski instructor had their kids lined up like ducks blocking the entire trail so I cut hard on my toe edge and stopped.... I was riding with a skier friend. Right as I stop about 3' short of the skiers some chick on skies comes out of the green going pretty fast straight at me. I'm down hill from her..... Fortunately my legs are preloaded and ready to spring back up and i have a hard toe edge hold when she runs into me. I pretty much did a football tackling drill on her and took her down so she wouldn't plow over me and into the kids. I'm also 280 lbs bone dry and nekkid.

Well when she starts collecting herself she starts blaming me for stopping and that's why she was running into me, it wasn't her fault, she thought. I fucking went off on this chick.... There were some yellow jackets behind her and saw the incident, one boarder and a skier. The skier started trying to tell me shit so I went off on her too. Then they laid into this chick who was still acting like she had no fault in any of it. She wasn't a small chick either, probably 170lbs.....

The skier that was cruising with me said it all looked hilarious. I didn't move an inch and she looked like she hit a wall. If my back was to her I probably would have been hurt.

I fucking hate newb skiers and snowboarders but we all had to start somewhere. I just they to steer clear of the green runs. When I am on them I just yell as I'm coming up on their sides, rears....
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