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Originally Posted by AWNOW View Post
Once again you demonstrate typical desk jockey retardation by lacking the ability to comprehend English while thinking you are proving a point after putting words in my mouth. I'll have to upload some photos of some actual damage that will compromise a board to help you understand. I know it's hard when you spend all your time out in the Midwest looking at your board, but for those that ride regularly, that is no sweat. Stop over thinking it, it's a snowboard not a Mercedes Benz.
My desk is in Mammoth, right where it's been earning me a living snowboarding for the last 25+ years. One of the skills I learned while in this world is the know how to fix that damage the right way. I have seen plenty of worse damage, but damage is damage and when left untreated will more than likely lead to much bigger problems. Would I have charged the guy $130.00, hell no.

No a snowboard is not a Mercedes, but it's also not a skateboard. Fixing a ding like this is done for the same reason you fix a ding in your surfboard, you spent a lot of money on the equipment and want to get the most use out of it for the longest possible time. Same reason you change your oil, the car runs either way but a well maintained car runs better and lasts longer.

The damage on that board WILL affect the ride, the board is edge high in the impact area which will lead to a catchier ride. The bubble in the base is an area where the base has delaminated from the core, shaving the base with a blade won't reattach the base to the core. There is obvious separation in the sidewall bond which will allow water in, that needs a proper lasting seal. That's just the damage I can see from a few pics, but what do I know?

P.S. I get a lot of time to "look at my board"s while I'm regularly riding 120+ day years.
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