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Originally Posted by Bones View Post
But he'd have to go and get the knife. And win the foot chase. And the fight. And kill one person...maybe. Not drive over to her parents place and slaughter her whole family. Not get into a running battle with the cops catching innocent bystanders in the cross fire.

And if that's all he could do, then your murder rate would drop significantly as it has elsewhere.
Now you are digging for a rebutle bro.... Don't make it out to be so hard to use a knife. Jealous husband can easily overpower a wife and if thats the mission, it will happen, gun or no gun. You are trying to compare Fridays incident over the majority of gun related deaths. You take away the murders guns, he finds another method. He/she doesn't care about the risk. That person only cares about accomplishing the mission. All they need is the surprise which isn't hard to get on their side. That part of society, sad as it may be, will never go away.

I stand by what Edge and I were talking about which I believe we both ended up in agreement. Willing for more controls to be put in place, but complete abolishment isn't the answer.

Originally Posted by ThunderChunky View Post
I can make a bomb out of Clorox and do much more damage than a gun or knife.
This...... There are ways to stick multiple cleaning chemicals together and make a devastating, and VERY easily attainable bomb that any dumbass can make with the help of google. Doesn't take much.

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