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Originally Posted by Snowolf View Post
First off, you don't seem to be hearing other viewpoints and just pontificate an agenda. Where did I say I think all guns should be banned? Have I not stated repeatedly than guns have a legitimate role for personal protection? So why dig up a 10 year old NRA produced video clip that almost all Australians have overwhelming cited as a gross misrepresentation of the facts on the ground?

I am not talking about gun bans and if you would stop and actually listen to what others are saying, you would have understood that. The fact of the matter is that in nations with stricter gun laws, we see very few mass shootings. Even in the US, as a result of a nationwide ban of possesion of fully automatic weapons, we have not seen one used in one of these crimes.

Slow down with the pontificating and have a two way dialogue to hear what others are actually saying. I certainly never suggested I support all out gun bans.
Maybe I should have broken that post up since I didn't clearly separate my response to you vs the other poster. i know you have some degree of support for firearm ownership. I think I put out a fair representation stating that tools should be in place to lower risk (agreeing with others viewpoints), but as you state to me, did you not hear that? Mass shootings are still few and you again stated that they still happen, but are few in places even with more strict laws. Banning an assault rifle (hopefully this is clarified) doesn't say mass shootings would be any less. Limiting magazine capacity just means a shooter carries more. Of the millions of assault weapons that are owned in this country, according to the hype, 1 dictates the fate of the rest. I've said it multiple times yet you want to paint a target on my face and say I'm being one way, but I'm looking at the reality of this country and its differing culture that separates us from the rest of the world. We are defnitely a unique breed.
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