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Originally Posted by Snowolf View Post
I'm not able to go with that. Spain and Greece have a lot worse economic issues and they are not having mass shootings in their malls and schools.

Now I do believe our lack of funding for mental health care is a contributing factor. Before Reagan, we actually had a lot more mentally ill people being cared for in institutions. In a typical right wing maneuver, he defunded most mental health care and these people were just set loose without any care or guidance.

I am with Edge in this, the most plausible explanation is the availability of these types of guns. These mass shootings are not being perpetrated with 6 shot single action revolvers.

As I said, I totally agree that law abiding citizens with conceal carry permits do statistically reduce crime. But, a 6 shot S&W model 29 revolver is plenty effective for personal protection, no one needs a damn AR-15 and a stack of 20,30 or 50 round clips for personal protection.
Of course you aren't going with that..... The difference is how Americans are spoiled and take much more for granted than Spain or Greece. Many can't adapt to a lesser time or situation.

The availability of an assault rifle isn't what starts a mass shooting. If they werent' available, I'm sure a 6 shooter would be another available tool. It all goes to the person with a mission and the will to complete it. Look at the DC sniper and that was close to me. Hunting rifle was used. I touched on want vs need and do i need an assault rifle.. No, but I have one for sport shooting. Doesn't mean I'm going postal with it because its available. In the most recent event, it still bothers me that this kids mom didn't lock those weapons up knowing her son has issues. Thats where another part of the problem is. The growing neglect of parents. Guess what Im trying to say is that each day the variables grow that can add to someones ill nature. Its not just one problem, its a bunch of them.
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