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Originally Posted by Donutz View Post
That's just great. I chide you for concentrating on the gun banning issue and suggest you think more about the root causes, and you respond by chiding me about the gun banning issue and telling me I should be more concerned about the root causes. Despite the fact the I brought up the question of root causes at the beginning of this thread and have stated several times that just demanding that guns be banned is a knee-jerk reaction. You really don't have anything do you? You're just a bag of air and NRA talking points.
Further to this, I guess my frustration is showing here. What I'm seeing, both in this thread and in debates of this kind in all other forms of media, is that the don't-ban-guns crowd don't seem to care about what the issue is or isn't, as long as you don't ban guns. And these same people will work like crazy to make sure no new gun restrictions are enacted, but won't lift so much as an eyelash to do anything beyond that.

I'm becoming of the opinion that the American anti-gun lobby should start pushing for a gun ban, and HARD, not because anyone thinks it'll actually solve the problem, but simply to force the NRA types to work to find an alternative instead of just brushing it off.

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