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Default My Xmas bonus came early. Need some assistance on a new board...

So my Xmas bonus came a little early and I need some advice from the experts on a board purchase.

boot size 9.5

Been riding about 8 years now, I'd say I'm between intermediate and advanced. I live in the Midwest and ride about 20+ days a year out West. I ride about 70% back country, trees, steeps, and groomers, and 30% park. I do go for every little natural jump and cornice when possible. As I know this has been asked a hundred times from everyone looking for the same help as me, I'm primarily looking all mountain POW board that I can take out West, rip through the trees, but still allow me to have a little play-ability in the park. And pressing or buttering a board is not really up my alley. Spins, and hitting a couple of rails is pretty much the extent of me in the park, but again, I'm about 70-30 all mtn vs. park.

I'm looking between the following:

T.Rice Pro HP 157
Never Summer Proto 157cm

Also, with my current height and weight combo, would a 157 be to big or should I look at the T. Rice 153/ Proto 154??? I have heard the T. Rice rides bigger than it is, and I'd prefer a shorter board to maneuver around trees, but don't want something that's gonna be too short for POW. Would a 153 or 154 be just as fine for me in POW?

Any help from the enthusiasts is appreciated. Thanks!
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