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Originally Posted by Rockpen View Post
I use to have a tracker for the last several years then sometime last year while drinking a few brewskis after a glorius powder day we decided to see who was the fastest as we all had different devices. Long story short the device that beat everybody else was an original Swiss Military issued Barryvox VS 68. This thing was like 30 years old, single antanna, anolog, with just a dial, switch and a speaker. You had to translate the sound to find the other beacons, sort of like tunning into a radio station. Simple, but very, very effective. It cut my search time in half the first time I used it, second and third time was even faster and I've had years of experiance with my tracker. Needless to say I bought a used one since they are no longer make them. After doing more research the newer version (same tech as the old) is called the barryvox 2000 and is used by damn near every professional rescuer in the Swiss and Austrian Alps. Rega and Air Zermatt which are the two heli rescue companies in Switzerland uses a high powered barryvox 2000 and recco exclusively. It makes you wonder if all this triple or soon to be quadruple antanna shit is even necessary when analog seems to be good enough for the pros here. In Colorado I knew some patrollers that still held on to their old F1 transcievers and I always wondered why. Now I know.
Yep one of the old timers I did my avy training with swore by them(as far as distance) and he was FAST with it........but yea it was audio only and the thing looked so old I wasn't even sure I'd trust it out in the field(I'm sure it was fine I know jack shit) a panic situation with people screaming\crying, heli's flying overhead, dogs barking I don't think I'd trust the average weekend warrior with one over a modern Tracker or Pieps.......also I have no idea how one of those things would handle a multi-burial situation.

Just my .02$
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