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Originally Posted by KIRKRIDER View Post
View from abroad: Sorrow, but little hope for U.S. gun control -

"Nowhere have mass shootings been as prevalent as the United States, and nowhere has the policy reaction been so pathetic," he wrote this weekend.
Brian Masters, writing in the UK's Daily Telegraph, agreed.
"No American politician will have the nerve to propose the only cure to this repetitive insanity, which would be a sensible, mature and responsible attitude towards the ownership and use of guns," he predicted.
In the Israeli newspaper Yedioth Ahronoth, commentator Tzipi Shmilovitz was more brutal.
"America is not ready to talk about how it is easier to get a handgun than it is to see a doctor, not ready to speak about the video games that have extreme violence. It is just willing to sweep up everything under the carpet of tears."
And over at Haaretz, one of Israel's leading commentators, Chemi Shalev, lamented a "combustible mix of angry American young men, often disturbed and usually white, spurred on by the pervasive and always growing presence of limitless violence in popular American culture, together with the easy-access, open market of guns and ammo, which together produce these shooting slaughters with such sickening regularity. ...
"And if you pour in the often gruesome violence so rampant in the computer and video games that so many American boys are weaned on and addicted to, it should come as no surprise, perhaps, that not only are the most evil and inhuman of mass murders possible, they may soon become commonplace," he added.
I agree with most of the first half of this and don't disagree with any. I always wonder how accurate or poignant the stabs at entertainment are: death metal, the Beatles, video games, boxing, UFC, etc.... These things seem to be just thrown into the arguments as obvious ways to beef it up....I just wonder if the actual culprits have to do with deeper realities of living in a modern technological world...the utter loss of faith in the government and family, for example?

The fact that our country has been killing people in the Middle East for fun forever and none of us really mind at all seems to have alot more to do with our callous attitude toward death and violence than because I can beat Contra without up up down down LRLR etc...

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