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Originally Posted by sleev-les View Post
The real reason? How about the individual and his will to do harm?! I do care what the real reason is, which is why I stand behind gun rights and trying to stay optimistic even while seeing our politicians clawing at this recent event to serve some political agenda. That is a tragedy in and of itself. Too many are quick to blame a gun for an individuals act. To blame a gun is what truly highlights your statement about not caring about the real reason. A gun is not what causes someone to go on a rampage. Something else altogether causes that. When someone (and I've seen it posted before in other threads) says a comment such as forks are making people fat, lets ban them. You are quick to pick that apart and say its not relevant to the argument. THE ROOT CAUSE is the individual so stop blaming the tools. Yet me mentioning other opportunities for these acts to occur (and even posted a story) you again pick that apart and try to believe its not possible or wouldn't happen if a gun isn't available. I'll say it again, use the proper tools to limit the risk. Stop with the gung ho hardcore stance and look at real methods to help keep guns out of the individuals hands that have the potential to do harm. (class, psych eval, permit renewal etc etc).
It is much easier to go on a rampage with a gun than it is to go on one with a bow and arrows or a knife. Guns do increase aggression and more often than not are used against their own owner. Guns also make it much much easier to kill a lot of people quickly.
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