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Originally Posted by cc898 View Post
Okay. Here is my take on the gun issue. I have and own several. My children know and respect them, as well as they respect life. If someone is not right, and or lost in this world, no amount of legislation is going to stop them from hurting themselves or someone else. Guns have become the scapegoat for a failing society. Parents need to get off their dead asses and parent. Stop trying to be a friend. Create and lead good solid human beings that know the difference between right and wrong....evil and good. If it means a spanking or saying all means DO IT!!!! If that fails and you need help, please ask for it out.

The old addage that guns dont kill people does not hold up any more. Guns do kill, but only when the PERSON holding it intends for that to happen. Wake up! What rate of loss is acceptable? If we ban what the MEDIA labels as an assult rifle, they will use something else...hopefully not kill as many. But how many dead is too many?

You cannot and I mean cannot ban or control guns. Its that simple. Did it work during prohibition? Does it work with drugs? Is it not illegal to drive a car drunk? How about something as simple as pirating music? Ever hear of black markets? This needs to be addressed for sure, but lets look at the root cause and not the tools used. I own guns, I am not a criminal, I will not use them for evil, but there are those that do. We need to asking WHY!!!! Address that!
Unfortunately, no amount of spanking or tough talking-to will stop a manic depressive schizophrenic who hears voices telling him he's a supervillain (superhero, super-agent, super-whatever-the-fuck-his-fantasy-du-jour-is) and the only way to realize that divine plan preordained just for him is to walk into a movie theater or an elementary school and start killing. Mental illness is not a function of bad parenting, neither it is always easy to recognize or treat. Paranoid schizophrenia is usually not apparent until late teens or early 20s and often manifests with a sudden onset. Autism spectrum disorders aren't associated with violent tendencies. I don't see how you can blame societal failings on the latest incidences of mass shootings. All of the shooters clearly had some form of mental or developmental instability that ran much deeper than a simple garden variety case of lacking family life.

And yes, we can control guns. It's been done before and it is being done quite successfully in many countries around the world. The examples are many and they've been repeatedly stated in this thread so I won't waste time on citing them yet again. As for us, we can at least start with enforcement of the existing laws, require background checks for ALL gun sales (the responsible, law-abiding citizens shouldn't have any problems with that), institute basic mental health evaluations (again, should not be a problem for a responsible gun owners - if anything, every sane human being should be glad that potentially violent individuals won't get their hands on guns) and ban semi-automatic weapons. These were designed for close combat and there's no conceivable reason for these guns to be on the streets. Yes, we all know that they are used in target shooting and that's a fun hobby to have. But some hobbies need to be restricted for the common good. After all, it is also fun to drive fast but we have speed limits for a reason. Time to grow up and realize that some toys are actually bad for us.
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