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Originally Posted by cc898 View Post
Please explain to me how we can control guns. Like we control illicit drugs? If there is a demand there will be a supply. End of story.

I have submitted to many background checks. Thats all fine and says I am stable and, it says I can say what they want to hear. Without a history, and an honest "criminal", it will get you no where. How can you presume to say what will happen in the future, good or bad. What if I snap tomorrow...they already said I was good to go. How do you stop that with a background check? If you ban a gun you create premeditation, or force the use of a different tool.

Other societies have not controlled the guns, they have controlled the desire for citizens to own them....that is a clear and defining difference.
Well... There's a bit more to a mental health eval than just a simple questionnaire. That aside, while talking about such incidences as mass shootings and violent crimes in general it's all about numbers. Mitigation is about taking specific action that leads to maximal risk reduction. And that's the ultimate goal. Nothing will ever guarantee that these events stop completely, but we can design and enforce a set of laws that can drastically reduce their possibility of happening.

Also, I keep hearing this "rationale" that a criminal will resort to other means if he (she) won't be able to obtain guns. That's a straw man if ever I've seen one. Why ban any type of weaponry at all then? Fully automatic guns? RPGs? Hand grenades? Military grade explosives? Why deprive responsible owners of their toys because of a few bad apples? After all, they will just find other means to commit mass murder anyway. Where should the line be drawn?

I don't understand how a society can control the desire of its populace to own a weapon. Perhaps, you could explain this point.
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