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Op, that sounds like a real nasty fall. I pray I never have a fall like that.

My only major fall was when I'd been riding about 4 weeks in total. Was up the top of Lake Louise trying to keep up with a mate who was more skilled than I on a really icy section. Not off the top of the gondola, the lift to the skiers right, can't remember what it's called. Anyway, I was on my toe edge and managed to clip his board at a decent speed and managed to slam my head into the ice. (Wasn't wearing a helmet) for a split second I thought my days of riding were over. My mate suggested we go to the lodge and grab a band aid. I realised when riding down that wouldn't be enough as blood was streaming down my jacket. Got stitches that arvo, bought a helmet and was back into it the next day. Nasty black eye for the rest of my trip tho.

I'm always really fearful of taking a fall that ends my days of snowboarding. I guess that's why I'm not big on park. I think i'd rather take a fall that kills me, than to never be able to ride again.
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