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Indecisve guy needs your help :D

Hey guys,

As you can infer from the title I'm have some issues on deciding on a board.

So I would say that I'm an intermediate rider, maybe intermediate/advanced but that might be my ego XD. I'm 5'6'', weigh about 140lb and have a goofy stance. I ride groomers ~60% of the time, powder and trees the other 40%. And now I'm looking forward to learn jumps (not jibbing or park or anything, mainly natural features or some manmade's). So here's my dilemma, I've been looking at a few boards but I'm having a crappy time trying to choose one. I have 2013 medium burton cartel bindings and 8.5 DC Status boots (last years model).

The Boards I have been researching are as follows:
1) K2 Slayblade
2) Capita Black Snowboard of Death
3) Lib Tech Lando Pheonix
4) GNU Billy Goat
5) Lib Tech 2012/2013 Emma P.

Now I've ridden the Slayblade and LOVED it! Great stability, amazing speed, alright edge hold and pretty good in pow. That thing rode through crap like nothing, once I was going pretty fast and hit a small bump that I didn't see. Midair I thought I was going to eat it hard, but the board held strong and I never lost too much control. However, from what I've read, the board gets damaged too easily. And since I still have a lot to learn (and fall while doing so), I feel like I'm going to bruise it too often. But I'm looking for a board that rides like the slayblade, just not the slayblade.

Now I've heard good things about the Capita BSOD, i.e. that it's super light, aggressive flex, super fast, great in pow or groom and death grip for ice. Now the bad things I've heard is that you get loads of chatter and you feel everything while riding through crud, so barely any dampening. And turn initiation isn't supposed to be easy, which won't be great for me riding through the trees.

I was seriously considering the 154 Lando pheonix because it seemed to be pretty fast, stiff flex, great turn initiation, melow mangne so it doesn't catch, good durability and dampening. The only difference I see between this and the K2 is that this isn't very light (Does it matter?). Also I was recently informed that the non-wide version of the board was designed for big footed people, i.e. size 10.5 +, I'm only 8.5, am I going to loose responsiveness due to the extra weight and width.

The Billy Goat is one I'm seriously considering right now. It's apparently great at turning, it's very fast, very stiff, damp, great handling. The only downside I've heard from snow wolf is that at speed it can get spooky because it can turn too easily? is this true?

and finally the Emma P. This board is brand new not available online and from what I hear kind of rare, so no reviews . What do you guys make of this? Here's the description lib tech put out.

So people, please if you wouldn't mind, could you help me find/pick a board? Or if you want to suggest another board that you think would be good, please do mention it! Your input is greatly is appreciated, and if you could compare the boards that be even better!
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