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Originally Posted by StreetDoc View Post
typical whiny liberal response. Trust me, if someone is in my home that doesn't belong there I would very easily shoot them into the ground until the magazine is empty. I wouldn't loose a millisecond of sleep either, I hate thieves with a passion and it would save the tax payers money when he will eventually end up on the street to do it again.

If you aren't ready to face that type of consequence you shouldn't have broken into my house, I don't care how addicted to drugs he is or how he grew up in a bad neighbhorhood... tough titty.

I have a fingerprint safe for my handgun that takes me a couple seconds to open. I also have no problem leaving a weapon outside of a safe if there are no kids in the house. Living in an area with a lot of break-ins would make me invest in a heavy safe though. I would also rather die in a gunfight then flee my own home, call me old fashioned I guess.

guns prevent crime ALL the time, it just isn't reported in main stream media because it doesn't further the liberal agenda.

"I'd rather die in a gunfight than flee my own home" you watch too many movies cowboy. Too much emotion, not enough brains is what this statement tells me about you. Maybe it'll change if you have kids, I don't know how old you are, but this statement by you is quite scary, and unfortunately a lot of people who own guns, are the same. Someone used the slippery slope reference earlier.

Are you the same guy who'll shoot up a nightclub because someone steps on your shoe, or looks at your girl? Old fashioned, please....

I'm far from left wing btw, just because someone sees things differently than you doesn't make them a liberal.

For the record, if I could flee my own home while there is a home invasion, not only would I be gone, I'd start making the list for my insurance company to replace my shit.

I guess you're just tougher than me.

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