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Just you guys know he tried to buy a guy days before at a store. He didn't want to wait for the waiting period and stole his mothers. He obviously knew how to use them. The real thing here is how he was able to get them. Should have been locked in a safe. The kid also had autism. There is A LOT that went wrong here.

Why should Americans own guns? Why not? You're gonna make something illegal cause it CAN be dangerous. So can cleaning products. Why should law abiding citizens be punished for criminals. People who follow the laws should be able to own reasonable firearms. We don't ban cars or certain types because of drunk drivers.

Why do I need a gun? I am in the army. I'd like to be damn good at what I do. I also hunt predators like fox and coyote. A .223 is the ideal fire arm for this. You also need the ability to shoot more than once. In one case it ran into a woman's house and tried attacking her after being shot twice already. They also are useful for home defense. But number one they are a constitutional right. Why do you need the freedom to refuse someone from searching your house. If you have nothing to hide its not a problem. Same with a bunch of laws. And yes these laws do cause the same destruction. Freedom of speech greatly set back our war efforts in WWI. What do you use it for? Doesn't kill animals or protect you. Doesn't get you to work. You can still believe and think what you want. That's why.

Again, not saying this shouldn't be discussed or regulated. It should, but lets meet in the middle.

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