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Default stupid question?

I am new here, and have never been snowboarding. My husband boards and my daughter loves to ski (she is 7).

I have lost 110 pounds in the past 4 months, and desperatly want to join in on the fun. After a week and visiting 6 different stores and seeing 2 boot fitters my dream of getting into a ski boot was crushed. Neither boot fitter was willing to take on the task of modifying a pair of boots enough to fit my calf. At the point where the boot sits it is more than 20 inches around, and it doesnt really taper a whole lot toward the bottom. I am still overweight. I know please dont answer with some nasty comment.

My question is this. How bad of an idea is it to cut out the tongue part of the liner in a snowboarding boot? I would leave the outer tongue and the rest of the liner alone. I think doing this might allow the boot to actually come close to closing and allow me to actually take a few lessons. I am not willing to wait until next year. I have waited 10 years already, and my daughter is bored of the bunny hill...she cant leave the bunny hill until I am able to go with her.

Is this a horribly bad idea for safety reasons, or just for comfort reasons?

Thanks so much for your thoughts and responses.
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